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Your ultra slim aluminium sliding patio doors allow for no boundaries between your interior and exterior living space. As your minimal sight line sliding patio doors open they leave a seamless world between home and garden, flooding your living space with the tranquility of nature in a contemporary arrangement of both style and efficiency through visually perceived floor to ceiling and wall to wall glass.

Manufactured in Britain, the minimal sight line of your ultra slim aluminium sliding patio doors coupled with its unique ergonomically designed handle and concealed automated locking system, will become the envy of any discerning person seeking a bespoke ultra slim sliding patio door system to complement their new or existing grand design.

Contemporary in design, your ultra slim aluminiium sliding doors maintain the desired aesthetics but not at the cost of safety and performance. Your ultra slim sliding patio door system boasts a towering maximum height of three and a half meters and achieves a smooth half ton rolling movement due to its unique engineered sliding doors wheel carriage. No modern day contemporary ultra slim aluminium sliding patio door system would be complete with out the option of a concealed motor for full automated sliding doors.

As you would expect, your sliding patio doors come with quality approved performance ratings that cover thermal, air seal, wind load, water and burglar resistance. As well as the hand/body safe over ride operation preventing entrapment whilst under full electric sliding doors automation, your unique sliding patio doors also come with an optional clip on integrated drainage gutter doing away with the need for any additional stone or French drainage.

Make your dream a reality; ….open up your world….with a 4 Season Doors & Rooflights Ultra Slim Sliding Door System.
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Interlocking mullion width: 35mm sight line
Sliding door panel depth: vary dependent upon configuration and
glass depth
Maximum sliding door panel height: 3.5M
Structural glazing thickness: double 36-38mm & triple 52-54mm
Thermal insulation: 41 & 50mm fiberglass reinforced polyamide strips
Typically Ud values: as low as 1.0W/m2K
Air tightness: 600Pa
Water tightness: 600Pa
Locking: concealed automation as standard
Full sliding door automation: full integrated & concealed
automation – optional
Drainage gutter: Integrated gutter – optional