Ultra Slim Roof Lanterns
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Your British made ultra slim skylights are constructed from a 100% aluminium structural frame. The ultra slim traditional style roof lantern skylights that have been professionally designed to bring as much heavenly natural sky light from outside inside, through all 4 Seasons by stimulating your visual world with a modern home lifestyle arrangement of contemporary flat roof glazing that oozes bespoke innovative aluminium architectural design with minimal sight lines.

Your ultra slim roof lanterns skylight profile / frame is extruded from the highest quality aluminium and constructed with polyamide thermal breaks that allow for no cold bridging transfer between inner and outer aluminium sections. Your bespoke roof lantern skylight frames are completely 100% aluminium in construction and must not to be confused with the very common unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) traditional roof lantern skylights. Your bespoke ultra slim traditional rooflights can be manufactured to any RAL color with the option of dual color for different internal and external finishes giving you control over your roof lantern design, also this very modern contemporary style roof light skylight comes with absolute minimal sight lines of 40mm profile giving your room the maximum light exposure achievable with a contemporary looking traditional style roof lantern skylight and complimented with a choice of either square or ornate finishing.

Your ultra slim roof lantern skylights can be manufactured in to an array of regular equal sided shapes and dimensions, with varying pitches and openers / vents electrical or manually operated with environment function sensors and switches. Your roof lantern skylights are designed for easy install and can be delivered, dependent upon size, either flat packed or pre erected. You follow the manufacturer’s roof lantern skylights install guide and watch your dream become a reality as your world transforms into a mass of natural lights and colors with the 4S tinted glass unit selection, whilst benefitting from a selection of our roof lantern skylight solar control glass options which will assist to keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer maintaining the thermal efficiency of your home through its low U value.
Ultra Slim Roof Lantern
Project Photo Gallery
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  • Ultra Slim Rooflight Frame
  • Ultra Slim Roof Lantern
  • Ultra Slim Rooflight Sight Line
  • Ultra Slim Rooflight
  • Wall Adjoined Roof Lantern
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Be the first to have “complete all aluminium” flat roof glazing in your ‘Grand Design’, make your dream a reality; open up your world with a bespoke Ultra Slim Traditional Roof Lantern Skylight.