Ultra Slim Roof Lanterns
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get the dimensions for the roof lantern?
Dimensions are obtained from the opening/required opening in your roof by the internal dimension or external. (Dimensions are with or without internal plasterboard/external membrane)
Q: What is the lead time (supply time)?
Delivery is approximately 3-4 weeks for bespoke, dependent upon specification requests. Stock sizes are 7 days.
Q: How is my roof lantern/s delivered?
Your roof lantern can be delivered pre erected on a pallet (dependent upon size) or flat packed with full build and installation instructions.
Q: Can my roof lantern be painted in any colour?
Yes your roof lantern can be supplied in any RAL colour as a standard item, but it can be supplied dual colour for a different internal and external finish.
Q: What glass should I choose?
Glass should be selected for your roof lantern dependent upon shading, position of the roof to the sun and room functionality. Generally, if your roof is exposed to excessive / full sun, then a solar controlled option with a possible tint may be required, but if your roof lantern position is to be sheltered from excessive / full sun, the clear glass without the solar control would be better. Glass tints & temperature gain may affect the function of the room below a roof lantern, so selection is not only about its efficiency, but to its effects on natural light (tints).
Q: What size should my up stand / kerb be for my roof lantern?
Your timber up stand / kerb size should have a minimum height of 100mm and a minimum width of 70mm. Our technical illustration is available upon request and is supplied with all quotations.