Flat Rooflights
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Your British made flat rooflights are constructed from a 100% thermally broken aluminum structural frame. The 4S flat glass range are contemporary style flat skylight rooflights that have been professionally designed to bring as much heavenly natural sky light from outside, inside, through all 4 Seasons by stimulating your visual world with a modern home lifestyle arrangement of contemporary flat roof glazing that is coupled with stunning minimal sight lines through the deliberate innovative aluminum design, leaving an original modern architectural impression on your home.

Be the first to have a bespoke size flat glass contemporary rooflight that can be completely retro fitted to replace your old skylight without having to replace your existing up-stand, or simply design your own size to suit your new building project.

Your flat glass rooflight skylight can be manufactured in to an array of fixed regular, or fixed irregular flat glass shapes and size dimensions, and a flat glass walk on rooflight option gives your build project a unique product range for contemporary external roofing ideas. The fixed flat glass walk on rooflight skylight can also be used for a wide variety of internal and external gardening special project features such as covering walkways, cellars, stairs or wells etc. Also if you require your flat glass rooflight skylight to open, then look no further because the 4S flat glass range includes a vent rooflight skylight and an access rooflight skylight which completes the 4S flat glass rooflight range by supplying the desired ventilation or access solutions for those more demanding build projects. Your flat glass rooflight skylight profile / frame is extruded from the highest quality aluminum and constructed with polyamide thermal breaks that allow for no cold bridging transfer between inner and outer aluminum sections. Your bespoke flat rooflight skylight frames are completely aluminum and must not to be confused with the very common unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) traditional rooflight and roof lanterns of which are regularly misrepresented to customers as aluminum rooflights, roof lanterns or skylights, but in fact are a thin aluminum skeleton frame covered with plastic capping.

You can rest assured that the 4S flat glass range is tried and tested and exquisitely designed and built by our manufacturer who has already incorporated the 4S glass range in many lifestyle and commercial project builds over many years reflecting customer feedback in the form of testimonials of complete product quality satisfaction.
Contemporary Pyramid and Lantern
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Just follow the manufacturer’s flat glass roof light easy installation guide and watch your dream become a reality as your living world transforms into a mass of natural lights and colours that can be further enhanced by the 4S tinted sealed glass unit selection. Your home can also benefit from a selection of 4S rooflight skylight solar control sealed glass options which will assist to keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer, maintaining the thermal efficiency of your home through its low U value all year around.

Be the first to have “complete all aluminum” flat roof glazing in your ‘Grand Design’, make your dream a reality; open up your world with a unique contemporary 4S Flat Glass Rooflight.