Bifold and Bifolding Doors
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum & maximum width per bifold door leaf?
Minimum 400mm if there is an odd number of doors folding in one or both directions. 700mm is there is an even number of doors all folding one way. Maximum 1200mm per door leaf
Q: What is the maximum height of the bifold door system?
The maximum height including, the frames are 2500mm with the multipoint locking system. The doors can be made higher, (dependent on door leaf widths for overall opening) but the door would then only have shoot bolt locking and this would make them less secure.
Q: What colour options do you offer?
A popular choice of 7 bespoke colours and 3 natural wood effects are readily available, but you may choose from the full range of RAL colours plus oak & mahogany effect including dual colour options for all frames and hardware.
Q: Do you do colour code hardware & seals?
All system hardware and seals can be colour coded.
Q: Are the bifold doors top or bottom hung?
The doors run on a bottom track but are guided by 2 wheels at the top.
Q: What threshold options are there?
We offer 2 threshold options, Standard and Low. Standard threshold is recommended for external use and comes with a severe weather rating and the Low threshold is recommended for internal use only as it is not weather proof.
Q: Is the bifold door system running gear visible?
The running gear is concealed with the bottom track and is not visible.
Q: What type of locking do you have on the bifold door system?
There is an 8 point multipoint lock plus an anti-drill barrel on each door system.
Q: What Type Of Glass Is Supplied?
On our Standard Doors the glass is Pilkington Soft Coat – Clear – This is Low ‘E’ but has no solar control (not recommended for full sun facing units) The upgrades available are Activ Easy Clean, Activ Neutral and Activ Blue. These are self cleaning glass units with solar control. For more FAQ’s glass information, please click here
Q: Where was your bi-fold door system designed?
4SE3000 doors are designed and manufactured in the UK.
Q: What guarantee do your bi-fold doors come with?
4SE3000 door system frames come with a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee, subject to the compliance of our terms and conditions. This is currently believed to be the best in the industry.