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Your ultra slim aluminium windows, gallery picture windows and window gable end systems allow for no boundaries between your interior and exterior living space. Your chosen window glazing design will leave a seamless world between home and garden whilst complementing our door and rooflight systems, flooding your lifestyle with the tranquility of nature in a contemporary arrangement of both style and efficiency.

The majority of residential window systems manufactured in and for the UK have been made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) and over the past 20-30 years whilst pleasing to the eye, your uPVC windows will have been thwarted with operational folding, swinging, sliding and cosmetic quality issues due to their plastic material. Not only will your aluminium windows open up more space than conventional uPVC windows due to their slim sight lines, but they will be much stronger, smoother and reliable due to their aluminium construction and better hardware.

A British manufactured aluminium window system means that there are no lengthy lead times, in fact we will endeavor to work with in your lead time, and with a quality ten year manufacturer’s guarantee on the ultra slim aluminium windows system, you can rest assure that you will enjoy your new double or triple glazed window design with peace of mind. Another advantage to being manufactured in Britain means that your aluminium windows not only have been precision engineered and constructed with the finest quality materials to the highest of standards, but also have been produced with you and your family’s safety and security always as the number one priority.

One of the benefits of your aluminium window design is that it will match and complement our range of bi-fold doors, sliding doors, roof lantern and rooflights products in your build project. Most of our existing projects specify glazed gable end windows above bifolding doors or sliding doors so that sight lines match giving a one complete system feel rather than a mix and match approach. Another key feature in modern day architecture design is the use of gallery or picture windows that stretch from floor to ceiling tying in with door dimensions so that horizontals compliment the verticals to all elevations.

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Once you have selected and installed your desired color coded aluminium window system, bringing the finishing touch to your “Grand Design”, sit back and indulge yourself not only in the contemporary beauty of your aluminium windows, but also in your home’s cozy thermal efficiency during both summer and winter months, through its low U value certified aluminium window frames using only the best combinations of thermal and solar efficient double or triple glass sealed units.

Make your dream a reality; open up your world with an Ultra Slim Aluminium Window system.